Golf trip packing checklist | Packing for your golf holiday

Golf travel is a great, but anyone who does it regularly knows that packing for your perfect golf trip can be a hassle. Travelling with sports equipment can be tricky and packing economically can take a lot of planning.

There is lots to consider so that you are prepared and can avoid disappointment. Check out our guide to the best ways to pack for your golf holiday and our handy golf trip packing list.

Golf Travel Packing Checklist

  • Golf clubs
  • Balls and tees
  • Range finders and GPS device
  • Markers or coins
  • Golf gloves
  • Ball retriever
  • Golf towel
  • Golf shoes
  • Extra socks
  • Clothes for the evening
  • Clothes for the course (check the course dress codes)
  • Light layers
  • Weather specific gear (hat, gloves and raincoat or sunscreen, sunglasses and cap)
  • Water bottle

Choosing the right bag

Getting a reliable and good quality travel bag is key. Airlines have tightened their rules on suitable golf bags and it is important for you to ensure you have the appropriate protection for your clubs. The price of golf bags can vary depending on the brand, type and material but if you plan to travel regularly, it may be worth investing for the extra piece of mind. Read our guide to Travelling with Golf Clubs here.

You will need to decide between a soft or a hard case. Lightweight bags are much easier to pack and lighter to transport, however they typically won’t offer the same protective features as more heavy duty bags. Hard cases are best for long haul flights or frequent use as these are generally more specialised cases and offer peace of mind as they provide more protection. They can however be extremely heavy and are not as easy to transport.

Maximising space

Some nifty packing tips can help to keep your clubs secure for example, your golf towels and spare clothes can provide extra cushioning for your clubs and removing the heads of any adjustable clubs and storing them inside your bag can minimise the likelihood of damage. The more proactive you are prior to travelling the less likely you are to experience disappointment post flight.

Whatever bag you opt for, the chances are you won’t want the extra worry of carrying additional hold luggage. By using all available space and some clever packing tricks you should aim to fit everything into your golf bag and hand luggage, such as filling any extra space in your travel bag with clothes, golf towels and socks or invest in a travel bag with added space for clothes.

Being prepared

You can also use a few savvy tips when picking your wardrobe to maximise space and minimise weight. Be sure to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly; know the clothes you will need to avoid bringing unnecessary items and where possible choose professional thermal wear for colder trips as these are often warm but still lightweight.

Favour clothes that can worn both on and off the course, for example, try to pack a shirt suitable for evening meals that can be reworn on the course the next day. Use shoes as additional storage and use spare socks to cover irons and wedges. Planning for economical packing you can ensure have everything you need in the least amount of space.

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