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Scotland is famous for many things. Beautiful views, friendly people and rich history make a golf trip to Scotland a bucket-list destination for golfers worldwide. 

However, the Scottish climate is also famous for being unpredictable and unforgiving, so it is key to know what to wear to play golf in Scotland. It may not be true that Scotland’s weather is a constant torrent of wind and rain but it can still change drastically throughout the day and it can be significantly colder than other golf travel destinations. This can make your Scotland golf trip packing list surprisingly difficult to organise.

Don’t let the weather put you off and find out what to pack and wear for your golf trip to Scotland to make sure you get the best out of your getaway.

Essentials for a Scotland golf trip:

    1. Quick dry trousers
    2. Woollen socks
    3. Neck warmer
    4. Waterproof
    5. Thin layers
    6. Wet gloves
    7. Sun cream and after sun
    8. Waterproof phone case
    9. Water bottle

Quick dry trousers

A pair of waterproof, quick dry trousers will take the brunt of the wet and cold weather and they are lightweight for warmer days. They are designed to dry quickly, ready for you to use the next day and and they are compact for packing. So, investing in a good quality brand is well worth the extra cost.

Woollen socks

Wool is the ideal material for your trip to Scotland. It is warm and thick to keep the chill away while breathable when the weather is warmer. Woollen socks are surprisingly light to carry and it is a good idea to pack extra socks in your golf bag to protect your clubs.

A neck warmer

A moisture wicking neck warmer will keep you warm in wet weather without keeping moisture against your skin, making them an essential for damp and windy climates. They are also easy pack and act as a lightweight layer that can be easily removed and stored on the course.

A waterproof jacket

With the weather in Scotland likely to fluctuate throughout the day, a good quality waterproof jacket is key. Your jacket should be big enough to fit fleeces and sweatshirts underneath and lightweight to make it easy to carry when the rain dries up.

Thin layers

As the Scottish climate is so unpredictable, layers are essential. Thin, layered clothing such as a compression shirt will keep you warm by regulating your body temperature but won’t be too bulky under clothing without affecting your swing. They are also lightweight and easy to carry if they need to be removed.

Wet gloves

If you don’t already have a pair, it is worth investing in some wet gloves. They will keep your hands warm without hindering your golf game and they are designed to have a better grip, the wetter they get, making them a key piece of kit to optimise your game in wet weather.

Sun cream and aftersun

With all the preparation for cold and wet weather, it is easy to overlook some essential warm weather gear. Even if you don’t actually get to see the sun, overcast days can still be dangerous if your skin is unprotected so making sure you pack your sun cream and aftersun can help you avoid an uncomfortable round.

A waterproof phone case

Water can break your electronics but, leaving your phone at home might mean you miss some amazing photo opportunities. It is better not to risk exposure so, get yourself a waterproof case for your phone, keeping it dry and clean but allowing you still use the touch screen and camera.

A water bottle

No matter what the weather forecast is, it is important to stay hydrated. It is not common practice for on-course water to be provided in Scotland so, it is a good idea to keep a bottle on you as you could be out for long periods of time.

With our Golf Travel Centre packing list you will be sure to know which essentials you need for a golf trip to Scotland. Check out our guide to find out The Best Time to Play Golf in Scotland.

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