The Best Time To Play Golf In Ireland

With some of the world’s best golf courses in spectacular locations, Ireland is a golfer’s paradise. Every year over 240,000 golfers from all over the world head to these famous Irish greens to experience the impressive fairways.

That said, there are a number of things to keep in mind before you tee off in Ireland.

Weather in Ireland

For many, weather is the greatest concern when it comes to booking a golf trip to Ireland, and understandably so. Irish weather does not have a great reputation and is famous for changing dramatically within an hour. At Golf Travel Centre, we think wind and rain are all part of an authentic Irish golfing experience but, if you’re more of a fair weather player, there are certain times of year that offer the best golf course conditions and a higher chance of good weather.

The best time of year to visit Ireland to play golf is between the months of May and September. The average daytime temperature in the summer months is 18°C and due to Ireland’s geographical location, the summer daylight hours can stretch between 5am to 10pm making later tee-off times a highlight of the season. It may also be possible to fit in two rounds of golf in one day – and that’s including a leisurely lunch!

Peak Times for Golf in Ireland

Of course, better weather brings crowds and more visitors means higher prices. Peak golfing season in Ireland also falls between May and September therefore course rates are likely to be higher during this time. You are paying for better conditions and a greater likelihood of good weather, but it may also be worth considering visiting Ireland in the ‘shoulder’ months including March, April and October. Clubs generally have more availability at these times and prices are likely to be lower.

Whatever time of year you’re planning to visit Ireland for golf, follow these simple tips to get the most out of your Irish golf experience:

  • Don’t travel without waterproofs – no matter when you head to Ireland there is always a risk of rain, so don’t get caught out and let the weather ruin your round
  • Consider bringing a second pair of shoes and more balls than you would normally take, bad weather and blustery winds can mean things get lost or ruined, making spares a must
  • Get ahead and book well in advance to secure a tee time during peak seasons or better still have someone do the work for you – check out our top golf holiday deals in Ireland

And most importantly, don’t forget to look around and soak up the spectacular scenery.


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