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Ireland has always been a hot spot for seasoned golfers and novices alike. Known for beautiful rolling emerald landscapes and a famously cheerful spirit, Ireland should be on everyone’s list for a golf trip.

If you’re worried about the weather, don’t be! Year-round golfing in Ireland is perfectly possible, as long as you’re prepared. This country has some of the best and most challenging courses which makes it crucial that you get your Ireland golf trip packing list right!

Don’t miss out on experiencing a great new golfing location and find out exactly what to pack for your golf trip to Ireland to make you sure you get the most out of your getaway.

Essentials for an Ireland golf trip:

  1. Wet weather gear
  2. A waterproof jacket
  3. Thin layers
  4. An umbrella
  5. Woollen socks
  6. Serious golf clubs
  7. Sun cream and aftersun
  8. Smart casual clothes
  9. A water bottle
  10. A camera


  1. Wet weather gear – Waterproof, quick dry clothing is a must for Ireland’s changeable weather. The material will take the brunt of the wet and cold weather and will be lightweight for warmer days. They are designed to dry quickly, ready for you to use the next day and take up next to no space in your suitcase.
  2. A waterproof jacket – As we have seen, the weather in Ireland can fluctuate throughout the day so, you never know when you might require a good quality waterproof jacket. Your jacket should be big enough for you to wear fleeces and sweatshirts underneath and lightweight to make it easy to carry when the rain dries up.
  3. Thin layers – In an unpredictable climate, layers are a must. Thin, layered clothing such as a compression shirt will keep you warm by regulating your body temperature but won’t be too bulky under waterproof clothing and therefore won’t affect your swing.
  4. An umbrella – If all else fails, an umbrella is an essential bit of kit and a good idea year round. This can help protect you if wet weather strikes but can also be used against the strong sea winds in some of Ireland’s more exposed coastal courses. Umbrellas also make for good shade when it’s scorching.
  5. Woollen socks – Wool is the ideal material for your golf trip to Ireland. It is warm and thick to keep the chill away while breathable when the weather is warmer. Woollen socks are surprisingly light to carry and you can always use any extra socks as padding in your golf bag to protect your clubs.
  6. Serious golf clubsSome of the best golf courses in Ireland can be very challenging, and if you are serious about tackling them you will need to have a full set of clubs. You want to experience the best of the country’s courses so you want to ensure you have the clubs to match the conditions. If you don’t fancy hauling your own on a long journey, all major clubs will have equipment rental on site.
  7. Sun cream and aftersun – With all the preparation for cold and wet weather, it is easy to forget that Ireland can have beautiful weather too! In more southern regions, the daylight hours can stretch from 5 am to 10 pm and even if you don’t actually get to see the sun, overcast days can still be dangerous if your skin is unprotected. Making sure you pack your sun cream and aftersun can help you avoid an uncomfortable round.
  8. Smart casual clothes – There’s more to do in Ireland than golf so be sure to figure out your evening activities in advance so you know whether to pack a nice shirt, shoes and sports coat for fine dining or a bathing suit for the spas. If in doubt, come prepared for everything, most courses have a fairly relaxed policy but evening attire will almost always be necessary.
  9. A water bottle – Whatever weather you’re expecting, it’s always important to stay hydrated. It is not common practice for on-course water to be provided in Ireland so, it is a good idea to keep a bottle on you as you could be out for long periods of time.
  10. A camera – In Ireland, the sights on and off the golf course are always worth capturing, making a smartphone with a good camera a must. Ireland boasts some beautiful views and stunning historical sights you won’t want to forget.

With our Golf Travel Centre packing list you will be sure to know which essentials you need for a golf trip to Ireland. Check out our guide to find out The Best Time to Play Golf in Ireland.

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