Guys Golf Trip Ideas: Best buddy golf trip tips and destinations

Your golf buddy trip with the guys is sometimes the only opportunity to get everyone together, get outside and play some golf for a whole year so, it’s imperative that you have a plan.

First job on your to-do list is to track down the best guys golf trip destinations. Here are a few to start you off:

7 of the best guys golf trip ideas:

The Belfry Hotel and Resort

Just outside Birmingham, The Belfry has become synonymous with golf and is a mecca for both professional and amateur players. Their golf courses are easy access and steeped in tournament history for you and your pals to make the most of.

Trump Turnberry

Famous for its iconic Edwardian luxury hotel, Trump Turnberry is made up of legendary links golf courses in an enchanting coastal setting. With over £200 million spent on transforming the facilities, this beautiful resort is now an ultimate golf destination.

Penina Hotel & Golf Resort

Set in 360 acres of perfect grassland and natural beauty, The Penina Resort is the original home of golf in the Algarve. With 3 golf courses and a luxury 5 star hotel, this resort leads the way for high class service and great golf.

La Cala Golf Resort  

Renowned for being one of the finest golf resorts in Spain, La Cala is set in an idyllic backdrop for an exciting yet challenging game of golf. The resort is situated in the tranquil area of Mijas, Costa Del Sol and is perfect for a relaxing guys trip or a Malaga night out.

Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Set in the West Midlands, The Forest of Arden Marriott is home to beautiful accommodation and exceptional amenities. It combines elegance and convenience and is an unparalleled opportunity for golfers of all abilities.

Pestana Carvoeiro Resort

A beautiful coastal resort with extraordinary natural beauty, Pestana Carvoeiro is located on the furthest point of Portugal’s Algarve. The area and resort are characterised by friendliness, a mild climate and exceptionally high standards.

East Sussex National Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa

Set in 1100 acres of English countryside, the East Sussex National Hotel offers a perfect retreat for all groups. With two Championship golf courses, this resort makes the perfect setting for a friendly tournament and a great day with the guys.

Buddy golf trip tips

Bringing all your mates together for a weekend away can be akin to planning a military operation. Follow these tips to ensure you have a top golf trip:

  1. Check your cast of characters

If you’re in charge of planning the trip, job one is making sure you have a combination of golfers who are most likely to get on – and it may be a good idea to hold off any invites to non-golfers. Non-golf pals will often get bored, become chatty and will irritate those who are only interested in a serious golf game.

  1. You need a workable number

You will need to settle on a reasonable number of participants. Four is always a good, manageable number and you can perhaps expand to 8 or 12 if they have played together before and you know everyone gets along. Any larger group, or any unknown entities will risk unwieldiness at the airport, on the road and on the golf course.

  1. Have a plan for the evenings  

It’s a good idea to be sure of what the guys want to do after golf. Take votes on dinner and other evening activities and make sure every group member has a say in the matter. It’s also not the end of the world if the group heads in different directions for the sake of keeping the peace.

  1. Make it competitive (but not too much)

On almost any kind of buddy trip you need some sort of competition, and you can mix it up a bit on a golf trip so that each player gets a different partner for every round. Change the games up and make wagers reasonable to make sure everyone can get involved.

  1. Most importantly… have fun!

Your golf trip is a chance to escape, be outside and catch up with friends so, make the most of it! Expect delays, plan for mixed skill levels and don’t get too worried if plans change. You are likely to be in a beautiful spot with a great bunch of guys so don’t let the little things get in the way!


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