Best Time To Play Golf In Scotland

A golf break in Scotland is unparalleled attracting keen golfers from across the world to its courses. Deciding where to play is often the first question that comes to mind but we believe that deciding when to play golf in Scotland is just as important.

Weather in Scotland

The weather in Scotland is very changeable and can differ greatly from season to season and depending on the altitude. Generally, weather conditions tend to be quite similar to other areas in the UK but certain parts of Scotland can experience blizzards and heavy snow and rainfall.

One region of Scotland can be different from the next and rainfall is possible in any month of the year so the best thing to consider is temperature. Winter in Scotland is particularly cold with the maximum average temperature only reaching 5°C which often causes frost delays to early morning tee times. Added to this, the days are particularly short during the winter months meaning there are often fewer tee times available with some courses closing completely throughout this period.

Temperatures during the spring and autumn can range from 7°C to 14°C but the Summer months of June, July and August tend to be the warmest with temperatures often reaching 17°C and 18°C. The extra hours of daylight due to the high latitude also make these the best months to play golf in Scotland as 10:30pm sunsets allow for tee times during the early evening.

Course Rates and Peak Times For Golf in Scotland

Between May and September Scotland becomes overrun with golf visitors which pushes the rates up considerably. Courses tend to be extremely busy due to the slightly more reliable weather and it’s also worth checking your chosen club’s website prior to your visit as some close their courses to the public if they are holding an event.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, the months either side of peak season tend to offer considerable discounts. However, it’s worth taking into consideration that during this time, some courses make golfers use mats on the fairway to avoid creating divots.

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