The game of golf holds a number of important traditions with etiquette and integrity at the very heart. Upon joining this “gentleman’s game”, golfers are expected to adhere to a set of rules and practices to ensure the smooth running of a day on the fairways. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 rules for good golf etiquette.

Arrive on time
In fact, show up at least 10-15 minutes before your tee time, and with the whole group. There’s nothing like starting as you mean to go on.

Avoid slow play
Seasoned golfers will tell you that slow play is their biggest pet peeve so do your best to keep up with the pace of play of the group in front of you and let faster groups behind you play through.

To help speed up your own game, ensure you’re prepared to play when it’s your turn by planning your shot as you approach the ball.

Repair the ground you play on
Replace your divots and rake any bunkers you enter – simple!

Don’t be too precious about your balls
Golf balls! If you lose one, don’t spend more than five minutes looking for it. Play a second ball and with a one-stroke penalty.

Put your phone away
The golf course is considered an oasis from modern day technology. So, put whatever devices you have on silent only to bring them out to check the football scores of course!

Control your temper
Shouting, swearing and throwing clubs are simply not acceptable. No one likes a sore loser!

Don’t distract your fellow players
Be a silent partner and never stand on the line of play. The invisible line connecting the ball to the hole is a no-go.

Flagstick knowhow
If you’re asked to tend the flagstick and choose to hold onto it, make sure the flag doesn’t flutter in the breeze. Alternatively, if you lay it down, lay it off the green to prevent any green damage.

Don’t walk across the green with your bag
The extra weight can imprint on the green – leave a mark on the course with your enviable game play.

Your dress reflects your game. Many clubs are very particular about players and their appearance. So, if you’re brave enough to wear some Poulter-esque trousers, tuck your shirt in!


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